Edition #33

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Edition #33


• A commissioned centrepiece collaboration between author Cate Kennedy and artist Simon MacEwan, presented over 16 pages in vibrant full colour.

• Long-form commissioned spoken word pieces by playwright and actor Felix Nobis, and acclaimed rapper Mantra.

• Our one-off Jesus Section, so named for issue #33, featuring nine perspectives on JC from satire to tribute to analysis.

• Brand-new recording from breakthrough soul duo Sietta, covering Tom Waits’ theme song from The Wire in line with our Jesus theme.

• Briohny Doyle’s commissioned essay ‘Little Monsters’, an incisively humorous and human look at Alien and Prometheus, motherhood, and our conception of the monstrous birth.

• 15-track CD including The Bedroom Philosopher, Joe Dolce, blues singer Anita George, legendary poet PiO, and Sean M. Whelan’s collaboration with The Mime Set.

• Bold new design from Santangelo + Hall, featuring a pantone text layout; reverse-printed pull-quotes making use of paper show-through; visual features adapted from a 1961 World Atlas; carefully selected stocks; Biblical scans; a CD case incorporated into a special fold; and a die-cut cover contrasting the book’s pantone with the full-colour CD sleeve.

• Going Down Swinging’s 1000th contributor, including work this issue from the USA, Russia, India, Spain, and all around Australia.

• All of this collated into a 272-page book featuring the freshest new fiction, essay, visual art and poetry, with an accompanying CD of music, storytelling and spoken word. At GDS, entertainment is as important as drama and insight.

Published 2013