• Image of One Night Wonders Limited Edition Live Albums 2015
  • Image of One Night Wonders Limited Edition Live Albums 2015
  • Image of One Night Wonders Limited Edition Live Albums 2015

Get these high-fidelity recordings of the One Night Wonders live sessions as a compact disc. These limited edition albums only have a short run of 100 CDs impeccably designed by Juan Urrea.

With the rich acoustics of the Lithuanian Club miked up by legendary engineer Ptero Stylus, then mixed at his Hope Street Studios, you will never hear a voice captured more warmly or faithfully than this. Now you can enjoy the headline sets as though you were there, or relive them any time you like.

Get the full set for a substantial discount. You can also just get the digital downloads right here.

You can find sample tracks at the GDS audio page, or just grab the records and find out for yourself.


1. enfolding
2. wavering
3. between
4. contrite
5. uninterrupted
6. winnowing
7. breaking
8. lost
9. easing
10. from the beginning
11. dying away
12. unknowing


1. What’s My Name
2. What’s My Name again
3. Dinosaurs talking shit
4. Here There Be Dragons
5. !MaXimalist Poem About Misogyny!
6. Terrence the T Rex Grab A Seat
7. Wok Song audience singalong
8. Wok Song
9. A Circle’s Round About Tale
10. Charlie
11. Grip Shields
12. La la
13. Zombies
14. Hippie love poem
15. Dying cats
16. Secrets
17. Hugs


1. Yellow Shirt
2. New Plastic Fanfare Red
3. Body & Soul
4. Writing a Biography
5. Ten Metre Board
6. Poems On Memory
7. Eskimo Occasion
8. Palais de Danse
9. Night Talk
10. Sayings of My Mother
11. Old Friends
12. The Mud Crab Eaters
13. Leaving The Trees
14. Water Life
15. Is it poetry they ask?
16. Changing The Subject
17. The Line Always There
18. The White Room
19. Flares
20. Witch Heart
21. Face For Casting
22. It's Not Right
23. Peter's Dream
24. Nina
25. The Wreck

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