• Image of One Night Wonders live albums 2014 (digital download)
  • Image of One Night Wonders live albums 2014 (digital download)
  • Image of One Night Wonders live albums 2014 (digital download)
  • Image of One Night Wonders live albums 2014 (digital download)
  • Image of One Night Wonders live albums 2014 (digital download)

Get these high-fidelity recordings of the One Night Wonders live sessions as a digital download or compact disc.

With the rich acoustics of the Mission to Seafarers Chapel miked up by legendary engineer Ptero Stylus, then mixed at his Hope Street Studios, you will never hear a voice captured more warmly or faithfully than this. Now you can enjoy the headline sets as though you were there, or relive them any time you like.

Get the full set for a substantial discount. Digital downloads are high-quality 320kpbs mp3 recordings sent via email.

We're also producing a limited edition of 100 numbered CD albums with a riso-printed poster that folds down into a case, designed and produced by design firm Holiday. Includes a digital download.

You can find some sample tracks from The One Night Wonders series at the GDS audio page, or just grab the records and find out for yourself.


1. All Distortion, All the Time
2. Cotton in the Air
3. Three Short Problems
4. For Those Listening on Vinyl
5. Hot for Sorrow
6. Story Time
7. Nick Cave's Coffee
8. Grocery List
9. Sour Mash
10. Church of the Broken Axe Handle
11. Debbie
12. A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me


1. Let's Take This Empty Feeling
2. Sometimes She Listens
3. Chosen Family
4. The First Man
5. The Man I Am
6. She Stole My Every Rock and Roll
7. You Said You Didn’t Speak Commitment
8. Births, Deaths and Divorces
9. Mirerva’s Ten
10. This Reading Is Sponsored By
11. 2am on a Warm Summer Night
12. It May Seem Strange
13. Just Before You Died
14. For a Little While After You Died
15. If, In the End
- Gathering Rites
- Call to Prayer
- Placing of Symbols
- Words of Remembrance
- Liturgy of the Word
- Liturgy of the Eucharist
- Final Commendation


1. Flagpole Poem
2. Barrow Creek
3. Mr Descartes
4. Ciaran Ruby
5. Southgate Bridge
6. Cork
7. Silver
8. Letter to Igor
9. Calcutta
10. Storm
11. The Plaques On the Wall
12. Seafarers
13. The Sea Journey (from Beowulf)
14. I’ve Come to Kill Your Monster
15. Mrs December
16. Stuart
17. Hunter and Gordon
18. The Steering Wheel Story
19. Penrith Poem


1. Night Grabs
2. Getting the Band Back Together
3. Paper Skin
5. Honey O
6. Seven Day Dream Journal
7. Tattooing the Surface of the Moon
8. Doyle’s Dream
9. Dear Elliott
10. Wake Me Up With a Kiss
11. Three Moments of Devotion


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