Random Love

$0.20 - $9.00
Random Love

If you're feeling lost in isolation (or simply in need of a new quaran-read), we're here to help. We will pick a random edition from our catalogue (#12–40) and send it to you for FREE!

If you're happy to cover the postage, that's a great help (select postage contribution from the options menu for $9), but if not no probs buddy, this one's on us. Everyone needs cool things to read right now, and we're just happy to help a friend out x


Please note: our site won't let us 'sell' something for free so we have made this 20 cents. You can also send an email to gm@goingdownswinging.org.au with the subject line RANDOM LOVE and your postal address as the message if you don't want to mess around with twennycentz.