The Greenaway Years Set: editions #26–30

The Greenaway Years Set: editions #26–30

Five editions. Five years. History in your hands.

In the Greenaway Years Set (2006–2010) you'll get the rare chance to dive back into Going Down Swinging's history. Fire up the old CD player and listen to some spoken word. Get your eyes on some of our most beautiful covers. Read the work of a young Geoff Lemon, from long before he became editor. And more.

This set is named in honour of the editor who helmed Going Down Swinging over this five-year period, Lisa Greenaway.

Edition #30
A bumper double issue to celebrate GDS’s 30th birthday, edition #30 is a huge 172-page edition. It comes with a spoken word anthology recorded on CD, a lavish full-colour graphic novella, and the most beautiful cover in GDS history (in our opinion).
Editors: Lisa Greenaway, Ella Holcombe, Nathan Curnow

Edition #29
Edition #28 features live material from The Bedroom Philosopher’s Songs from the 86 Tram, the spellbinding closing monologue from American jazz poet L. E. Scott, heartache rural snapshots from Cate Kennedy, an extract from Nathan Curnow’s Ghost Poetry Project, Ali Cobby Eckermann’s tales of family, Anthony O’Sullivan’s tribute to Nirvana, and work from ongoing GDS contributor Felix Nobis.
Editors: Lisa Greenaway, Klare Lanson

Edition #28
This number includes work from all-rounder Paul Mitchell, graphic artist Vanessa Hutchinson, Penguin Plays Rough founder Pip Smith, and the multi-award-winning Jillian Pattinson.
Editors: Lisa Greenaway, Klare Lanson

Edition #27
#27 is jam-stuffed with talent, including work from Australian National Slam winner Kelly-Lee Hickey, George Dunford, and New York’s Matthue Roth.

Included with your purchase is a CD (one of those old things!), which features work from Adam Gibson and the Aerial Maps, indie rock legend Kim Salmon, Canadian poets Ian Ferrier and Jim Christy, New Zealander Hinemoana Baker, and Geoff Lemon, a future Going Down Swinging editor himself.
Editors: Lisa Greenaway, Klare Lanson

Edition #26
This issue focuses on street art from Melbourne’s laneway walls. It reproduces prints from Civil, Vexta, HaHa, Miso, and Ghostpatrol. Also inside: a desert narrative from a young Anna Krien, whose book Into the Woods would go on to win prizes at the Queensland and Victorian Premiers’ Awards; and a story from Leanne Hall, whose would win the Text Prize for her novel This is Shyness.
Editors: Steve Grimwade, Lisa Greenaway